100+ Components ready-to-go

With a huge library of components, you’ll have everything you need to create your wireframes! Simply search in the Figma components panel and drag & drop each item.

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Wireframy - Components
Wireframy - Resize

Customizable and resizable

Built with the newest Figma Text and Color Style, customize your prototype the way you want. Change the background color, text color, or resize it. Everything can be changed or left intact.

10 Color Styles with 6 shades of grey
15 Text styles from small to big display
Every component is resizable

970+ interchangeable icons

We have a huge library of icons ready to use. And with Figma’s powerful instance feature, you can easily switch an icon to another within a couple of clicks.

Wireframy - Icons

Huge library of examples for lightning prototyping!

We’ve built a massive library of 40+ examples so you don’t have to build it yourself. Including Headers, Footers, Contents, Testimonials and a lot more!
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